artist bio

Susan Swihart is a fine art photographer, born and raised in Massachusetts, now living in Los Angeles, CA. Her photographs focus on personal bodies of work that explore the idea of self, family, deep memories and connections to others.

Shown in galleries across the country and exhibited Internationally, she is a two-time Critical Mass finalist and a 2014 Exhibition Award winner at LA Municipal Art Gallery’s Open Show. A member of the Los Angeles Art Association, previously a member of the Verge Collective at the Duncan Miller Gallery, she also shows with Fabrik Projects. Her work has been featured on Lenscratch, Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography / New Directions, Feature Shoot, Your Daily Photograph via the Duncan Miller Gallery, Examiner, L.A. Weekly and many online photo blogs.

artist statement

I've always been an observer. I take pictures to capture a small moment and translate my personal experience into a shared one. Documenting a place in time or a personal event. Sometimes I am a passive observer, quietly watching others reveal their selves, other times I'm recording my own domestic landscape. I am a collector of memories and intend to capture everything I can. I do this so that I cannot forget, but also to share it with others, so they will remember too.

I was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts. Growing up in a small, but busy home with my mother, older brother, uncle and grandparents, I was hardly alone but eagerly sought out space to be by myself. I was happy to spend my days drawing and creating with whatever supplies I had. Studying art, design and film, I wound up in advertising - overseeing creative teams, art buying and production. Leaving my career to start a family, I have come back to my camera. I find inspiration in the people around me, the way we live, life at home and adventures in the world with my family.